Residential Jet Washing in Morecambe

When dust, dirt, pollution and other substances get stuck on your driveways, paths and exterior surfaces your homes outside spaces can soon become tired looking and dated. Residential jet washing in Morecambe can help. To give these areas a freshen up, one of the best and easiest ways is to use a pressure cleaning service which will blast away grime and dirt from the exterior areas giving them a new lease of life.

Our residential jet washing in Morecambe, Lancaster and the surrounding areas will transform the look of the outside of your property, giving instant results and making welcoming spaces that you can be proud to share with guests. Contact us today for more info, or for our landscaping services. click here.

We specialise in cleaning industrial units for landlords and tenants, factory cleaning and also plant and machinery deep cleans.

No matter if you are building owners who want to keep your buildings maintained to a high standard or a landlord searching for tenants, the LSO PowerClean industrial cleaning service is the right choice. Our industrial cleaning service can save you lots of money if you are coming to the end of your lease and have dilapidations to worry about.

Investing in a specialist, thorough plant & machinery deep clean service can save you lots of money. Maintained and cleaned correctly the cost of losing or replacing expensive machinery can be prevented, our plant and machinery cleaning service is second to none, contact us for more information.

Commercial Power Washing in Lancaster

If you run a business from a commercial property then you should consider the LSO PowerClean commercial cleaning service. It can be challenging to keep exterior spaces clean and professional looking at all time, especially if the property is in a high footfall or industrial area. LSO PowerClean will assess your needs and deliver the right commercial cleaning solution to make your commercial premises look its best at all times.

From brickwork and stone to metal and timber, we can provide a pressure washing service for all exterior surfaces, we use the latest techniques to remove surface muck and grime. We can dramatically change the appearance of offices, shops, buildings in the public sector buildings and many others using out jet washing service.

Softwashing is a more gentle alternative to high-pressure power or jet washing, using special chemicals and a lower pressure cleaning method.

High pressure jet washing can sometimes cause damage to certain types of exterior property surfaces. Ruptures can be caused in things like cement or plasterwork because of the large amount of pressure and high power that the water exerts onto your property.

The LSO PowerClean softwashing services puts a stop to this risk. We will make sure your property looks as clean as it possibly can, using a gentler method and without causing any damage.

Soft washing uses a unique combination of bleaches, water, algaecides and surfactants which safely clean the stains left on exterior surfaces by various algaes and mildew. The machine then uses a low pressure technique to clean the surface in question with this mixture of chemicals.

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